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Photo of  Salmatta Abiodun Ibrahim

Salmatta Abiodun Ibrahim

Postgraduate Researcher


Salmatta Abiodun Ibrahim is currently undertaking research study in Engineering at the University of Exeter’s in the Centre for Water Systems.   In 1988, Salmatta joined Fourah Bay College (FBC); the oldest university in West Africa and now part of the University of Sierra Leone to study towards a BSc in Chemistry, Biology, Geology and Logic. She graduated with honours in Geology in 1993. After graduation she taught Chemistry, Integrated Science and Biology at both junior and secondary school level. Supported by grants from the Fulbright Foreign Student Program, between August 2010 and August 2012 she completed an MSc program in Hydrogeology at Clemson University, South Carolina, United States.    Salmatta’s PhD research uses Sierra Leone as a case study to assess the influence of seasonal variability impacts on groundwater resources in Freetown and propose adaptation strategies for mitigation of future extreme events on groundwater recharge, demand and quality. Her research would model the vulnerabilities of groundwater resources to abstraction using a 3D simulation Model Muse MODFLOW to iterate scenarios of change in temperature and precipitation to upgrade technical and institutional capacities at decision-making levels. Salmatta's  research is currently being funded by the Slumberger Foundation - Faculty for the Future.   Salmatta has worked hard to establish a successful academic career in science. After completion of her PhD studies she will return to Sierra Leone to continue her lecturing and research responsibilities at the University of Sierra Leone.