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Dr Shuya Zhong

Lecturer in Engineering Management


I joined the University of Exeter in 2020 as a lecturer at Department of Engineering. I hold a PhD degree in Management Science and Engineering from Shanghai University. Prior to joining Exeter, I worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the Institute for Manufacturing, University of Cambridge (2018-20) and The Logistics Institute – Asia Pacific, National University of Singapore (2016-18). During the PhD, I visited the Institute for Risk and Uncertainty, University of Liverpool (2014-15), where I initiated the research on operations and maintenance of offshore wind energy.

My research focuses on applying the mathematical modelling and optimisation methods to improve the operations efficiency and sustainability of logistics and supply chain systems. I work in logistics and supply chain decisions in two contexts – renewable energy such as offshore wind or hydrogen, and warehousing and transportation in business-to-consumer (B2C) or business-to-business (B2B) markets.

Research interests

Mathematical modelling and optimisation in logistics and supply chains

  • Smart decisions in offshore wind / hydrogen supply chains (operations and maintenance scheduling, integrated supply chain decision-making, logistics planning, supply chain network design, facility location, stakeholder assessment / selection)
  • Intelligent warehousing and transportation in B2C / B2B (warehouse control, order fulfilment / picking / batching, inventory management, warehouse automation, transportation planning, last mile delivery, integrated supply chain decision-making, e-commerce, manufacturing process, facility location-allocation, supplier selection)
  • Operations research methodology (mixed-integer programming, multi-objective optimisation, simulation modelling, multi-criteria decision-making, evolutionary algorithms)

Research projects

HyChain: Smart Hub of Hydrogen Supply Chain Solutions and Knowledge (06/2022 - )

Visit and play! The founding team consists of Dr Mi Tian and myself. The vision of this venture is a smart hub to provide hydrogen supply chain solutions and knowledge to industries, students, and general public. HyChain is an interactive web app to demo a series of hydrogen supply chain solution prototypes, continuously fed by our research outcomes. We have launched two modules: (1) Electricity-to-hydrogen supply chain simulator, and (2) Hydrogen supply chain stakeholder assessment tool.

Cornwall Floating Offshore Wind Accelerator (01/2021 - 06/2023)

I am the CoI of the project, which is funded by ERDF and HMGov and partnered with Celtic Sea Power, University of Plymouth and Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult. I am working on the development of a floating offshore wind simulator for low carbon logistics and operations and maintenance strategies.

IoT data integration platform for supply chain companies (01/2020 - 03/2021)

I participanted in this project under the Pitch-In project funded by Research England. The project was led by the University of Cambridge and collaborated with industrial partners in the UK Warehousing Association. I investigated how dynamic decision-making driven by the integration of IoT data with operational data can enhance operations performance in logistics scenario. Find more details here.

PhD supervision

I am offering to supervise self-funded PhD students in any areas of interest above. I welcome inquiries from prospective PhD students to discuss PhD project ideas. You can find out more on the PhD funding page.

Current research students

  • Ahmad Attar / Simulation-optimisation for resilient and sustainable supply chain network in offshore wind energy / co-supervisor (lead supervisor: Dr Martino Luis)
  • Eve Andrews / Wind Farm Circular Economy Digital Twin / co-supervisor (lead supervisor: Dr Sefer Gunbeyaz, co-supervisor: Dr Camilla Thomson)
  • Abdulaziz Alageel / Designing Sustainable Supply Chain Management Network / co-supervisor (lead supervisor: Dr Martino Luis)
  • Haobing Li / Digital Twin for Manufacturing Machine Tools / co-supervisor (lead supervisor: Prof Ion Sucala)
  • Adam Lockyer / An ontology-based smart city modelling and implementation of artificial intelligence (multi-agent system, fuzzy logic, artificial neural network, and optimisation algorithms) to control the energy and water / co-supervisor (lead supervisor: Dr Baris Yuce)


Fellowship (FHEA)

MSc / UG modules

  • ENGM033 Supply Chain Quality Management (module leader)
  • ENGM027 Engineering Management Science
  • ECMM113 Agile, Lean and Competitive Enterprise
  • ENG3017 Quality Control and Improvement

Programme director of MSc Engineering Business Management