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Dr Shuya Zhong

Research activities

08/2022 Visiting scholar at Monash University

I am invited by Prof Athanasios Pantelous to visit the Faculty of Business and Economics at Monash University in August 2022 to work collaboratively on the offshore wind supply chain project.

I gave a talk on "How to make smart decisions in offshore wind supply chains?" at the Monash Energy Seminar Series organised by Monash Energy Institute on 11 August. It was the first in-person seminar in over 2 years.

09/2022 Presented at OR64 conference

I presented at the OR64 conference (The OR Society's Annual Conference) in September 2022 about my research on "Combining fuzzy MCDM with Kano model and FMEA: A novel 3-phase MCDM method for reliable assessment".